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Soft Skill Training programs and Team building program that are fun, interactive, contemporary, inspirational and most of all memorable!

As the leading training provider in Malaysia, we believe that simply imparting and providing knowledge is not enough and that training must lead to effective learning back at work with the individual having the desire to apply what had been learnt.

Our expertise include: corporate team buildings, presentation skills, personal impact training, selling and negotiation skills, business writing, NLP for Business and other interpersonal and communication skills trainings to improve workplace effectiveness and career success.

We believe that people learn most effectively when they are relaxed, motivated, engaged and energized.[/vc_column_text]

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Of course, further customization can be made upon your request!
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We have extensive experience of designing courses and trainings to suit your circumstances and culture that are relevant to your business, your objectives and your people. We will work closely with you to understand your business, identify your learning outcomes and then customize a course or programme to meet those needs.

Our Business Development Consultants will then ensure everything runs smoothly, thus reducing the hassle for your organization or company. We are also approved by PSMB and our trainings are HRDF claimable.

Our trainers and consultants will be fully briefed on your objectives for the session and on the participants for the day. This will enable them to tailor their approach to each individual in the room.

After the course, you will receive feedback from everyone who attended the course, so you can see the benefit of the training session to each participant and to your business. We also pay close attention to their feedback, so that we’re continually assessing, improving and advancing the quality of what we do.

Our course participants will receive:

  • Training and reading materials to refer back to after the course
  • Personal feedback and advice
  • The option to receive further advice from the trainer after the session, should they need specific guidance


  • Do you find it difficult to gather all your people together for a full-day training?
  • Do you need a training solution that is time-efficient and cost effective?
  • Do you still want the training to be high quality, relevant and practical?

If so, you will be interested in our range of our Lunch & Learn Mini Workshops
– a 1-2-hour bite size learning session that are focused, energetic and practical.

We have taken many of our key areas of learning and distilled the essence into short courses that you can run at convenient times of the day for your people.


Apart from in-house trainings and public courses, we also offers Train-the-Trainer courses aimed at those who need to deliver trainings for colleagues, but who aren’t training professionals themselves.

The course will improve confidence, style, structure and preparation so that the training delivery in your company or organisation is always of high standards.

This can offer a cost-effective solution to delivering training in-house.

We can also train your in-house trainers to deliver a course that we have designed so that you can roll it out across your organisation.

We can assist you with all your communication, business relationship and people skills training needs. We will help you and your colleagues to communicate more effectively, improve productivity and develop positive relationships!

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