Legends Of The Guardians

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Legend of the Guardians

A Team Building That Builds Brands. Will you be in Team Zeus, Lord of Thunder Team Poseidon, Master of the Seas or Team Hades, Overseer of the Underworld? Bring your team to the next level and leave a LEGACY!

We will take you through:

  • A journey in discovering the true meaning of ‘being a team’
  • An exciting experience when they journey beyond
  • A mission to relive and appreciate the organization’s brand values

Our Various Types Of Team Building

Experential Thematic-Based Programs

Thematic Based Programs

Adventure Based

Adventure Based

Extreme/Challenge Based

Extreme Challenge

Thematic-Based Programs

Secret of the Taming Sari
Secret of the Dragon Scroll
Mission I
Legend of the Guardians
Samurai Challenge
Sun Tzu