BRANDING 4.0 Are you still branding the old way?
Consult us for the best way to make your brand
recognizable and relevant to the advances in the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Branding in the 21st Century.

BrandImage Consultancy @ BIC, is a division of Trainers Asia Sdn. Bhd. We are a dedicated team of consultants that specializes in providing outstanding corporate branding solutions to Asian businesses. We differentiate ourselves as Corporate Branding Specialists by providing a holistic approach to corporate branding.

By integrating our brand-conscious approach into communications and training for your work force, we deliver practical branding strategies to ensure your corporate branding exercise achieve great success!

More About Branding Programmes

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Developing a Brand Image

Developing a brand image keeps your business in tune with the times and helps keep you ahead of the game. Whether it’s a few tweaks here and there or a complete redesign for re-launch, we can help every step of the way.

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Maintaining and keeping Brand Image

Maintaining and keeping your brand image after developing your brand image is most crucial state. In this stage “Who”, “How” are the questions. What is more important is to keep your brand image sustain.

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Digital Branding

In a fast changing environment where social media has a heavy impact on marketing and branding efforts, Digital Branding provides guidance on creating, implementing and measuring digital campaign strategies.

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Brand Training

Brand Training is essential for all employees, at all companies and organizations, across all industries. To keep your company consistent and cohesive, you need to make sure all employees have a clear understanding of your brand.

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