Creativity Creativity is the ability to see
what everyone else sees, but also see and think
what nobody else is seeing or thinking!

Creativity Skills

How to think out of the BOX OF LIMITATION? How to generate new ideas and discover new solutions to old problems? How to develop a mind set that can always think fresh? What kind of attitude is necessary to have to be able to be creative? How to develop an ecology in the work place that has the ability to be strategic or creative?

People and organizations thrive on new and innovative ideas. So whether you have a group trying to come up with new solutions or a group stuck in a rut, our courses can jump start their thinking and inspire them to push the envelop and generate new ideas!

Some Of Our Creativity Skills Programmes

How to Get Creative and Stay That Way

Creativity can improve business choices and operations. The creative thinking course uses a host of techniques to generate ideas, and introduces tactics to encourage creative thinking.

Your Ah Ha Moments! Learning to Think Critically and Creatively

This program explains the importance of creative and critical thinking, and demonstrates multiple creative thinking techniques.

This, That, What Is It?: Defining Problems and Making Decisions

This decision-making training program helps workshop participants to distinguish root causes from symptoms to identify the right solution for the right problem.

Collaborative Thinking: Driving Teams toward Better Results

A group that can’t collaborate can’t generate great ideas. This collaboration skills course covers a variety of topics ranging from managing different points of view and different personalities to techniques for generating ideas and managing meetings.