The fourth industrial revolution has gained traction all around the world and the demand this places on workers’ skills makes certifications more important than ever before. It is an exciting time for
digital skills.

Organizations need to pivot through fast and
effective skills transferred to their workforce.

This is where we come in.

Our vision is to empower people
around the world with digital skills
for employability and career advancement
through well-crafted online learning certifications.

We’ve developed a framework

to cater to every level of the organization;

from executives to C-suites.

Digital skills for careers in technologies rooted in IR 4.0

Digital skills for employability and productivity across the organization

Digital skills to understand and leverage on technologies for business success

Digital Specialist

Looking to change fields and get into tech, but don’t know what skills you need to launch your career? Maximize your marketability by pursuing tech skills in demand for the future.

An estimated one million tech jobs went unfulfilled in 2020, signaling a huge technology talent deficit worldwide.Furthermore, over 50% of company learning & development leaders in a Udemy survey said technical skills were their top priority for training in 2020.

Digital Executives

Digital transformation is affecting every level of work. Many roles have evolved to rely closely on technology, while new sectors and new categories of work are emerging that are entirely technology dependent. Around the world, most roles now require digital skills.

To remain relevant and competitive, organisations of every type are integrating technology into their work practices. These organisations require working professionals that are digitally literate and can collaborate in an international setting, with easily transferrable skills.

Digital Leaders

Designed to address the requirement for current and future business managers to develop an understanding of trending and emerging technology, we offer foundational modules that are shared in a practical way.

These short, introductory modules provide a conceptual understanding to allow managers and leaders who are not IT professionals themselves, to consider the potential of technology and have informed conversations with IT professionals or specialists to leverage their potential.

Digital Psychology

Artificial Intelligence

Big Data

Digital Product Management

Internet of Things (IoT)


IR 4.0