digital upskilling and
reskilling programmes

According to the World Economic Forum, more than 1 billion jobs, (almost one-third of all jobs worldwide), are likely to be transformed by technology in the next decade.

Upskill your employees for the future of work!

Enhancing Key Skills For Administrative Professionals

The role of administrative professionals is vital in every organization. They help to ensure smooth running of meetings and events, solve problems along the way, and in doing so utilize the current office technology for optimum productivity as well as educating others around them. This 2 days workshop will focus on building four key competencies needed by today’s administrative professionals - meeting and event preparation and coordination, problem solving skills & continuous improvement, managing office technology and educating others & delegation

Course Modules Include:

  • Meeting/event preparation and coordination
  • Problem solving skills and process improvement
  • Managing office technology
  • Educating others and delegation

Experiential Sales & Marketing

The 2 days program will give the participants a better view on how sales and marketing can help your business to improve market share and customer loyalty. The program will also give participants an insight on how the market works and how to utilize tools and knowledge to break through.

Course Modules Include:

  • Introduction to Marketing & The Environment
  • Marketing Planning
  • Implementation to Industry
  • The High Impact Sales Cycle
  • Persuasive Sales Communication
  • The Impact of Body Language in Sales
  • Turning Resistance Into Sales

Powerful Marketing Principles That Work

This 1 day workshop will create awareness on marketing for non-marketers. The workshop module consists of principles of marketing and concepts, planning, control, problem-solving and integrated communication essentials. The workshop relates how marketing and branding is vital in today’s business environment and how they relate to sales and the growth of market share. Upon completion participants will be able to practice basic marketing strategies, planning and control.

Course Modules Include:

  • Principles of Marketing
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Brand Management and Strategy

Customer Service Excellence

This 2-day workshop introduces organizations to key interactive soft-skills elements associated with superior customer service. The workshop consists of modules that will up skill participants with high impact professional interactive skills such as verbal and non-verbal communication via telephone and face to face. There can be no doubt that the level of service given, serves as a major differentiator in any given organization in today’s service oriented economy.

Course Modules Include:

  • The Positive Customer Experience
  • The Customer Experience Model
  • Active & Positive Communication
  • The Impact of Body Language in Service
  • Knowing Yourself Before Knowing Others
  • Knowing Others and Communicating Effectively
  • Dazzling Difficult Customers