Negotiation Are your revenues and margins getting squeezed?
Losing too many sales?
Do you find yourself under pressure to drop price?

Exceptional Negotiation Skill

To compete in today’s markets both sales people and managers need to understand the various stages of a sale. Selling on price alone or dropping price to close a sale is a route to commercial disaster. There is always someone cheaper. You haven’t always got the best product at the best price.

A good understanding of Sales & Negotiation Skills is essential if you are to succeed in getting the sale at the price that you want. Our courses will show you how to put into practice sales techniques and strategies to achieve higher margins and gain more sales!

Some Of Our Negotiation Programmes

Negotiation Power Skills: How to Get What You Want

This negotiation course will give participants an understanding of how to maximise influence in the negotiation process, how to handle dirty tricks, when to walk away, and what they need to do immediately in becoming a better negotiator.

The Relationship Advantage: Connecting with Customers and Increasing Sales

This program is designed for businesses where better relationships are essential to growing sales. It examines all elements of the sales process with the end goal of building relationships to better service clients and grow sales.

Finding Gold: Prospecting for Sales Leads Like a Pro

Finding clients, networking, and growing a customer base are the key elements in this program created for those people who need to improve their sales prospecting skills.

Basic Sales Training: Selling Fundamentals

Ideally suited for those new to the sales role, this basic sales training program introduces the fundamentals of the sales process – how to get into the sales mindset, how to distinguish between features and benefits, how to present competitive strengths, etc.