Team Building Programmes Unlike Any Other!

Trainers Asia aims to deliver the highest quality experiential team building programs. Over the years, our experience in providing high quality team building session has managed to help us garner a huge client base, ranging from the education, banking and finance, IT and technology, telecommunications and consulting industries, the local government departments in Malaysia as well as international corporations.

All our team building programs are HRDF approved and our trainers are certified. Our trainings are fun, experiential and are full of take home messages as we custom build every team building to suit our customers' needs.

We are constantly innovating and create new teambuilding programs, so you'll not only strengthen the bonding between your people and the organization but also motivate your team and build towards the results that you want through true inner and team-based motivation and motivational concepts.


It’s all the same - send the staff to a faraway location, book a chalet or nice hotel, go jungle trekking/ paintball / water rafting, eat, relax and go back to work on Monday.

In general, it will, BUT that FIRE in them will last for 2 months at most.

You see, bonding between co-workers makes them feel closer, but does not necessarily results in
higher productivity.

To overcome this, each staff member must be developed from the inside out. Motivation is a personal matter. Once we tackle the HEART of the issue, we will change staff behaviour as well.

Whatever challenge your company Is facing, be it internal issues or simply wanting to increase productivity, understanding what people want and need are key.

Our team-building programs are made-to-order and are customizable to achieve this work-related change on a personal level.

So in short, YES, teambuilding is effective ONLY if done correctly and by the RIGHT people.

Because companies are made up of people, not machines.

Our Various Types Of Team Building

team building Thematic Based Programs

Experiential Thematic-Based Programs

trainers asia adventure based

Adventure Based

trainers asia water raft

Extreme/Challenge Based

Some Of Our Team Building Programmes

trainers asia taming sari hang tuah hang jebat thematic team building

The Secret of Taming Sari

Inspired by the rich history of the Malaccan Empire, The Secret of the Taming Sari is a unique Thematic Based Experiential Team Building Program.

The year 1446, it was the period of war! The Sultan had ordered Tun Perak to lead the defense against the invading Siamese army.

Join us as we search for the secrets behind the legendary keris and save Malacca from invading forces!

  • Inspire & ignite internal motivation
  • Quickly build highly efficient teams
  • Create outstanding results for your organization!
trainers asia dragon scroll thematic team building

The Quest For The Dragon Scroll

A fun and action packed thematic based team building experience.

Transport yourself back into ancient China and join a unique martial arts clan to compete and discover the secret behind the powerful Dragon Scroll.

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand the PRINCIPLES governing an effective team
  • Realize the SUSTAINING factors of dynamic teams
  • Master the FOUNDATION of high performance teams
trainers asia samurai thematic team building

The Samurai Challenge

A fun and action packed thematic based team building experience.

Transport yourself back into ancient China and join a unique martial arts clan to compete and discover the secret behind the powerful Dragon Scroll.

Participants will be able to:

  • A journey of governing an effective team
  • An experience to sustaining a dynamic team
  • The foundation of high performance team
trainers asia guardians thematic team building

Legends Of The Guardians

A Team Building That Builds Brands. Will you be in Team Zeus, Lord of Thunder

Team Poseidon, Master of the Seas or Team Hades, Overseer of the Underworld? Bring your team to the next level and leave a LEGACY!

We will take you through:

  • A journey in discovering the true meaning of ‘being a team’
  • An exciting experience when they journey beyond
  • A mission to relive and appreciate the organization’s brand values
trainers asia mission im possible thematic team building

Mission I.M.Possible

Rediscover and reframe the meaning behind the word IMPOSSIBLE to a more positive connotation. Recover a top-secret document that lists the secrets to a great team. You have 5 seconds to accept the mission. GO!

We will help you to achieve:

  • The spirit of never giving up, even when facing the seemingly impossible.
  • A team worthy of carrying out the IMPOSSIBLE
  • A team mindset of synergy and utilizing the resources to the best of you abilities.
trainers asia sun tzu thematic team building

Sun Tzu Art of War

Inspired by the Art of War and Great Military Strategist, Sun Tzu’s Art of War is a Thematic Based Experiential Team Building Program designed to test your team’s cohesiveness and use of strategy to prevail during the Warring States Era!

Participants will discover:

  • The FOUNDATION of high performing teams
  • The PRINCIPLES governing an effective team
  • The SUSTAINING factors of outstanding teams