Negotiation Are your revenues and margins getting squeezed?
Losing too many sales?
Do you find yourself under pressure to drop price?

Time & Stress Management

A bottomless inbox...tonnes of emails....millions of meetings!!

Getting the most out of a 24-hour day is a constant challenge in our busy world - Too much to do and not enough time to do it!

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the number of projects you have that need to be completed at work each day? Do you often feel the day flies by without your devoting the necessary attention to each assignment because other tasks keep landing on your desk, co-workers interrupt you with questions or you can't get it all organized?

Our high-energy, training programs will guide you on the fundamentals of time management: understanding the value of time, balancing work and home, eliminating stress, and much more.

Some Of Our Time and Stress Management Programmes

How to Stop Procrastinating, Start Planning, and Get More Done.

Time management training is a course that provides a basic understanding of time management techniques. By the conclusion of this training, participants should be able to identify the right things to be doing, develop plans for them, take control of things that can disrupt the workplace productivity, and understand the importance of and the most useful techniques for setting and achieving goals by using their time management skills.

Effective Delegation Techniques

The training program explains how to recognize and avoid the common pitfalls, give better instructions for better results, ask better questions, and listen more effectively.

Managing Stress, Building Self-Esteem, and Staying Positive at Work

This program explains how to prioritize and determine what is really important. By the end of this course participants should be able to create reachable goals, employ physical and mental techniques for coping with stress, list tactics for successful time management skills, and demonstrate techniques for interacting with difficult people.